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Smart Dustbins

Smart Dustbins

We have developed state-of-the-art storage facility wherein we keep a large stock. It also prevents our offerings from air, duct, sunlight and other damaging factors. We can be trusted for delivering the orders in an efficient manner and that too within the given time frame. Eparkis Smart Dustbin is a totally indigenous Make in India product from saur Eparkis Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad.


Compactor   Mechanism :
Generally,   the   waste   dumped   into   the   dustbin   occupies   more space than its actual volume and dustbins appear to be filled completely. Our smart level monitoring   system   continuously   sense   the   level   of   the   container   and   trigger   compactor mechanism when necessary to reduce the space occupied by the waste by compressing it to produce more empty space.When no further compaction is possible, the alert system gets activated.

Collection   Optimization:
The   Intelligent   Monitoring   solution   sends   the   location   of   the completely full bins which are ready for the waste collection, to the server. This system also helps to optimize their route for the collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources.

The Control System
collects the real-time data of the Container level from the sensors, & pushes   it   to   the   cloud.   It   can   be   configured   to   send   the   time-based   data   collection information & also alerts.


This system communicates with the server through the cloud, send and receive real-time information, and initiate following action.

  • Force trigger of the compactor mechanism of the dustbin.
  • Read Current status of the garbage level.
  • Read Geographic location of the system.
  • Send SMS Alert for the garbage collection.
  • Reconfigure ON/OFF Times of Advertising backlighting.
  • Read and record the Weight of garbage collected.

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Technical Specifications

Capacity 100Ltrs.
Material (Structure) Mild Steel
Input Power 220V/ 50Hz
Garbage Compactor Assembly (Hydraulic) Yes
Four-Side Access for Bin Usage Yes
Closable Flaps During Compression Operation Yes
Garbage Level Sensor Yes
Auto-Calibrating Weighing Sensor Yes
Garbage Weighing Scale Yes
Mobile Communication Yes
Real Time Monitoring Yes
Intelligent Software For Centralised Control Yes
Pilfer Proof, Vandal Proof And Weather Proof Construction Yes
Glow Signboard Specifications Yes
Backlit Panel Area (Minimum) 800 X 450
Astronomical Timer Yes
Manually Settable Timer Yes
Manual On / OFF Yes
Intermediate ON-OFF Yes
GPRS Communication Yes
RF Networking Yes
Centralised Control Yes
ON / OFF Timing Accuracy. 60 Sec
Over Voltage Protection 260±5V
Under Voltage Protection 160±5V
Over Load Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
System Failure Alerts Yes
Data Analysis & Report Generation Yes
Guarantee 2 Years + AMC 3 Years 5 Yr.

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